Growing up , I always felt like the oddball in my family. To me, everyone else appeared content with steady jobs and routines. But not me. I bore easily and need constant stimulation. But following the familiar trend, I went to college, got a degree in accounting, landed my first job and immediately knew that I had made a big mistake. Being disheartened and afraid to displease my family or let them down, I gave accounting a shot and I took and quit job after job. I felt depressed and unsatisfied and to add insult to injury, I was not being paid enough to do what I was hired to do. See, I am an artist, a songwriter and a creator at heart. I knew I had these talents for a reason and I knew I needed to put them to good use. As a creative, that means my mind is always creating something. So, it’s my job to keep myself in a positive space so that what I create is expansive, inspiring and true.

In 2011, I decided to do something that I never thought I would do: sign up for a martial arts class. I had always enjoyed it a kid, but never thought I would be physically up for it. I don’t remember the moment when I made the decision but I do remember the first time I walked through the doors of the martial arts school that would later become a second home to me. Very timidly, I walked into my first class and I have never looked back. I found a community of people who taught me how to relate martial arts to every part of who I was mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Finding the flow in the fluidity of my movement is also how I find the flow in my writing and my overall daily living.

Once I decided to form a new mindset to break the chains that held me captive for so long, I knew it would not be easy. But it was one of the best decisions I ever made. In 2017, I signed up for a sync music course focused on success in music licensing. It gave me new direction and focus with my songwriting. Up until then, I didn’t know if I was supposed to be an artist myself or write for other people. The community I joined helped me immensely and from there on out…I learned how to shoot to score, beginning with the end in mind. Within two years, I had landed two placements! One was in Hulu’s Shrill and the other in BET’s Boomerang. For the first time, I really saw that I could make money doing something that I love doing. My dream became my reality. Now I am fully dedicated to waking up each morning excited about my day ahead and making the most of it. No regrets. I am glad you’re here.