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Who Am I?


Hello Loves! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting! I am a blogger, motivational influencer, songwriter, and author. My superpower is to create, inspire, and empower using words, lyrics, music, and even fashion to encourage people to boldly pursue their passions and live out their life’s purpose. My deepest desire is that each and every one of you be true to who you are unapologetically and not try to be what you are expected to be according to someone else’s standards. 

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My Community


I am so privileged to have the most awesome, slaying, confident business owners, entrepreneurs, and passion seekers in my circle. I love seeing how each of you aspires to achieve your dreams whatever they may be. You keep me accountable and striving to walk in authenticity and boldness daily. I couldn't do it without you!

How can I better serve you? Are you feeling encouraged? What are your struggles? How can I support you? 

Please leave comments and let me know your thoughts!

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2019 is going to be an exciting year! I'm claiming this as my breakout year and I want the same for you! In addition to my blog, shoot on over to my Instagram page @boldbecoming where I provide daily words of encouragement. Soon I will be adding my own channel to IG TV where I will be streaming content of conversations with other like minded bold and authentic individuals and also any events that have valuable information to provide you with more support for your goals and pursuits. 

Come join me!

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